Potential Hurdles to the Establishment of a Micropayment Based Digital Economy

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In his article How Silicon Valley is Hollowing Out The Economy (And Stealing From You to Boot) (http://business.time.com/2013/05/07/how-silicon-valley-is-hollowing-out-the-economy-and-stealing-from-you-while-theyre-at-it/#ixzz2Su0Gd000) Time Magazine’s Christopher Matthews interviews the computer scientist Jaron Lanier about the changing world of the digital economy and how new technologies are making middle class jobs and careers obsolete. Lanier argues that the new technologies could allow for great careers in digital content production, but the system has been constructed in such a way that convinces users to “work for free:”

“It’s magic that you can upload a phrase in Spanish into the cloud services of companies like Google or Microsoft, and a workable, if imperfect, translation is returned. It’s as if there’s a polyglot artificial intelligence residing up there in the great cloud server farms. But that’s not how cloud services work. Instead, a multitude of examples of translations made by real human translators are gathered over the Internet. These are correlated…

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