Great start-ups are like great wine

Mike Rogers

Wine & Business

There are similarities between a great start-up and a great wine.  A great entrepreneurial company goes from concept, to productization, to launch, into the hands of the customer;  a great wine goes from concept to vineyard to barrel to bottle to wine connoisseur.  Each evolves and transforms into something special … perfected with age.  Each requires the passion and wisdom, the risk and reward to become great.

That’s good isn’t it?  I wish I wrote it.  It came from the website of Entrepreneur Wines.  More on that below.

I was lucky enough to attend a lovely wine event hosted by my friend, Randy Haykin, recently.  Randy is an amazing person; a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capitalist.  Yes, he’s made money for himself and for that he is very lucky, as well as smart.  But what sets Randy apart from most people is that he is truly grateful for it.  And that’s the…

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