Building a sustainable organization through effective management

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Mark Leslie’s experience in founding Veritas Software is a remarkable one for various reasons. The overview of what he did with Veritas already presents an impressive scenario as he managed to create a $1.5 billion annual revenue business, building on the work of a handful of employees and turning it into a 6,000 strong global workforce all within his 11 years of leadership. Veritas has long been acquired by Symantec, but the work that Leslie did for his company several years ago continues to resonate with examples of how effective management can empower a company to succeed.

In founding Veritas, Leslie was reported to have broken many conventional rules to building a market-leading technology company. He followed a model that focused on efficient and patient investments, used a business plan that many investors disliked, and focused on a small market instead of quickly pursuing big markets. Spotting the opportunity in this model at that time was only one part of the formula to Leslie’s success.

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The other part involves an effective management style that defined the culture within the company. In line with Leslie’s values, the company’s culture was centered on trust. With its name meaning ‘truth’ in Latin, Veritas was led with a policy of sharing crucial information about the company among managers worldwide instead of limiting access only to the leaders.

Engendering trust was at the top of Leslie’s priorities in Veritas Software. He believes that the company was able to sustain its business and drive for exponential growth due to its winning culture of respecting the talented people that it attracted and granting its workers the freedom to use their intelligence and judgment to act as they saw fit.

Find Mark Leslie’s profile on this page.


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