From start-up to full throttle: The leadership style that launched Veritas Software to greater heights

Mark Leslie, currently the managing director of Leslie Ventures, is also known for his entrepreneurial success as the founding chairman and CEO of Veritas Software. For several reasons, his experience with Veritas is a remarkable one, and the entrepreneurs of today would do well to heed his inputs on how businesses are supposed to be run.

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On first glance, his venture into using a failed company’s assets to restart a new one could be seen as too much of a risk and an endeavor that could easily lead to failure. He also broke many conventional rules for building a company that has the potential to become a market leader—focusing on capital efficient/patent investments and on a smaller market, in spite of the fact that venture investors preferred companies that pursued big markets.

Later on, in spite of the success the company attained, he also switched its focus and explored newer areas as he preferred to implement a strategic transformation with new products, markets, and channels over maintaining its course with its limited OEM customer base.

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Mark Leslie considered that point in the business’ timeline as the game changer. From the example of Veritas Software, he emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to realize that there is a limit to growth in a business. In acknowledging this fact, business leaders can take note of where their company is headed in the next few years and they can ascertain when it is best to shift toward a direction that will take them higher.

Indeed, Veritas Software’s example may be used as proof. When Leslie started with the company, it had only 12 employees and a revenue base of $95,000. Eleven years later, it had 6,000 employees deployed globally and a revenue base of $1,500,000,000 per year. Before the company merged with Symantec, it had earned the distinction of becoming a Fortune 1000 company.

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